About Us

Pyramid Dream Homes is a Vancouver-based boutique property development company. Since 1994, we have brought to life residential properties—primarily on the North Shore—that make a statement while at the same time, tread lightly on the earth.

With increased pressure for housing density, Pyramid adheres to the key elements for responsible and successful growth: sensitivity of design, attention to detail and an environmental consciousness. Our green building initiatives minimize impact on the environment; emphasizing the use of renewable, recycled and reduced waste building and landscaping techniques.

Our insights into local real estate development, combined with our roots and presence in the community, have been the foundation on which we have built Pyramid Dream Homes, our relationships, and indeed our success.

Our values are at the forefront of the way we do business. We recognize that trust and respect are essential components of any relationship, as is effective communication. The end result is a project that meets the needs of our clients and is uniquely suited to the site and the neighbourhood.

From conception to construction to completion, we work with the best in the business when it comes to architects, designers, builders, landscapers and environmental consultants. For each project we bring together a highly skilled team that shares our vision, our commitment to excellence, and approach to environmental and community sustainability.

Pyramids’s mission is to appreciate, respect and enhance the environment, and the spaces in which we live. We are proud to be honoured for the homes we have created and recognized for our leadership in environmental initiatives; excellence in design; our respect for existing heritage character and incorporation of public art.



But what we are most proud of are the many satisfied owners who enjoy living in their Pyramid home. We couldn’t ask for anything more.